I was thinking about trying the Curl Styling, but it has wax in it and my hair and scalp are so susceptible to build up. Even certain oils are a no-go...as I'm rediscovering (looking at you argan). It also has honey in and my hair has hated honey so far.

Hmmm from what I've heard so far I may just pass on the cream-gel. Again, the honey thing. It usually dried my hair out and doesn't do a whole lot. My hair loves conditioner only styling and I just need to get it through my PJ head. It's like me and makeup with primers. I just don't need them.
*And by "pass" I mean I'll wait at least 3 more months before I purchase it.

I never notice dews. My hair reacts the same everyday. Maybe it's cause I live in the Pacific NW. The weather does not change drastically here.

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