Hi, everyone. I'm Erika!! I stopped relaxing my hair last February. It got so bad that my hair would fall out, and there was a section in the back of head that was almost bald. Every time I looked in the mirror, I would cry. Since then, I have been wearing extensions and covering up what hair I had left. My hair has grown so much since then, but I'm tired of the weaves, I want to feel my own hair again. I am so scared, though, and I don't really have the support here in WA. I am half black, half filipino, and was raised in a mostly filipino household, so I never really had anyone to teach me how to do my own hair. I've seen the youtube videos of all these beautiful women with their naturally curly hair, and they have really inspired me to go natural. I'm just afraid that I don't have the confidence to pull it off. So I guess the reason I'm here is for the support. I need all the support I can get. I'm going to the salon next week to get my extensions out and cutting all my dead ends off. Does anyone have any advice for me for my big day???