Now, with all that charitable hair detangling intervention you've gifted him with, has he ever brought a comb (or other hair tool ... or fingers) to your hair??

So true about men just cutting it short. Some women too. I actually used to do that - had short hair much of my life just because I didn't want to deal with a wall of curls.

It's admirable for your DH to grow his hair out alongside yours. So how long since your his last BC (if we can call it that w/out smirking - I can't)? How long is his hair now?
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He did have a bc! The last time he cut it short, lol! Its been like a year? Yeah a year. He has tried to take fingers to my hair to detangle, then he gets frustrated with my knots, since he doesn't want to tear out my hair he sulks in a corner.

Behold the wrath of the 'fro! Not everyone can handle this I'm afraid, I appreciate him trying though...

But he is dead set against me hennaing my hair. He doesn't know I have been henna glossing. He doesn't want my hair color to change or anything about my hair to change at all. When I tell him it is to make my hair easier to manage, then he is like your hair is not that hard to manage. It is then that it is clear that he has forgotten the aforementioned 'fro...


You never stop learning...

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