So.. I've been going to a deva stylist for many years and just recently tried to straighten my hair and NO WAY!!! So uneven!!! So, I'm going back to a regular stylist. Problems I have had in the past were two things.... somehow they seem to thin out my already THIN hair and I end up getting the shelf look over time with the layering.
So... what do I have them do so I can have nice curly hair and nice straight hair?
I'm going to a lady who has naturally curly hair but.... she straightens hers all the time. So.... don't know if that is going to help her really understand curly hair or not.
What do I have them do? I have above shoulder length hair when dry and it's fine and thin. I need layers otherwise it weighs down and curls look awful. Right now i've been getting longer layers tho very uneven layers. The curls looks good and they blend nicely but ONLY when curly. And when it's super dry out, I want to straighten it.

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b