He did have a bc! The last time he cut it short, lol! Its been like a year? Yeah a year. He has tried to take fingers to my hair to detangle, then he gets frustrated with my knots, since he doesn't want to tear out my hair he sulks in a corner.

Behold the wrath of the 'fro! Not everyone can handle this I'm afraid, I appreciate him trying though...

But he is dead set against me hennaing my hair. He doesn't know I have been henna glossing. He doesn't want my hair color to change or anything about my hair to change at all. When I tell him it is to make my hair easier to manage, then he is like your hair is not that hard to manage. It is then that it is clear that he has forgotten the aforementioned 'fro...
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Lol to behold the wrath of the

... And what else could be so mighty and regal?

He must love your hair a lot if he's pretending not to notice the honest work you put into it. Gotta say, I'm impressed he's gotten in there and at least TRIED to manage your hair. To this day - and we've been together for what feels like a lifetime and a day - my man is unholy scared of dealing w/my crazy curls. He thinks my hair is for touching but not for clearing out.

I get why he'd insist you stay natural though (I mean look at your hair!). But I wonder why your DH doesn't want you to henna it? Is he afraid the curl will loosen up too much? ... Meanwhile my DH wants me to ONLY color it black, no other color. For silly reasons too. (I'm changing the color anyway )

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