I think you should use what your hair responds to. I notice you are a 2b. I'm a 2c. I think us wavy girls have a bit more leeway. I used to think if I used sulphates and silicones that I was "failing". Now I realize, the point of the Curl Girl Method and this Forum is to gain general information about what could be causing our hair problems and then finding out what methods may (or may not) work for us. LOL when I first visited the forum a few years back I thought I could NEVER shampoo, that TONS of conditioner (any kind without cones) was my friend, and that I needed half a bottle of cone free gel to curl up my hair ha ha ha! Now with everyone learning more about hair properties we can find specific products that are better suited for our hair types. For me moderation was the key....I can shampoo with sulphates but no more than twice a week. I can handle a cone or two but now I avoid products overloaded with them. I can use gel but only need a little for definition. I also learned protein overload was causing my rough hair. I've learned so much here what an awesome forum!