Yes my hair has been straw like ! I use castor oil and almond oil , but i think Im going to stop using those because I have been using both since October and haven't seen any differences. I also use eco styler gels and I used to use cantu shea butter but it left these white flakes in my hair so I stopped . And I use coconut oil but I ran out .
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It could be from using all of those oils. Unless you are doing a deep conditioning treatment, oil shouldn't be your sole method of moisturizing your hair. Invest in a good conditioner/moisturizer. I use sheamoisture products, but only you will know what products are going to work best for your hair.

Gels are also very drying, I'd cut down on them. Gels should only be for styling, not moisturizing~so if you are having a difficult time moisturizing your hair I wouldn't focus too much on trying to style it. Put more of your effort into keeping it moisturized.

Oil should only be for your ends (unless doing a hot oil treatment), and should only be for locking in the moisture that your hair should have obtained from using a different moisturizing product. When you co-wash your hair make sure to leave some conditioner in your hair.
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