I just started using devacurl products and really like them for how they make my hair look. I use the Arc Angel after I wash and condition, but needed something besides that to help with frizz and tangles. I tried the Set it Free spray while my hair was wet, before the Arc Angell and I do like it, but I am going to try and use less next time. If I don't use it at all, the hair close to my neck becomes a tangles mess and the hair by my crown gets a lot of "fly-a-ways". If I use to much, it seems to loosen the curl a little too much (never thought I would say that) and take away the volume. Bottom line: I am still learning how to use this spray, but think with a very small amount it will do the trick.

My hair is pretty much 3B-3C, but kind of fine and straight right close to my neck.