crimson - THANK YOU! I will be trying several of those things very soon. I've never heard that about "built up electricity" but it makes sense.

I called the podiatrist surgeon with whom I have an appointment on Monday and told them my meds ran out Wednesday and I have left messages on both the receptionist and the nurse's voice mail, numerous times but no one will call me back. The problem is what I was given is for inflammation flare-ups and cannot be taken for more than 5 days because of the side effects so the pharmacy cannot call them to get it refilled; I have to have a prescription for a different drug. The nurse at the PS office told me she'd call the primary care doc and light a fire under them. She asked what I was taking and I told her Aleve and arthritis strength Tylenol and was still just miserable. She said she would request some heavy duty stuff and she'd call me back and let me know. She said I shouldn't have to go back to them for them to call me something in to hold me over until I can see the surgeon. She was rather pizzed off at them and very sweet and compassionate with me. I actually cried when she told me she'd take care of it.