yay!!! glad that helped.

Usually, we have to do a ton of things to get our hair on track to being healthy and moisturized. But once you feel it's where you want it to be, you can cut back slowly on some of the processes to see what your hair needs just to MAINTAIN it's moisture.

For example, eggs are a source of protein for the hair, so once your hair has had enough protein, you may notice the egg mixture will stop working. Or it may even make your hair feel a bit rougher! That means your hair is ready to go into maintenance mode instead of fixing any damage.

The healthier your hair becomes, the less it needs to KEEP being healthy, if that makes any sense. At least that what I've learned about my hair.

Sounds like you've got a pretty good regimen going! keep it up! With time you'll learn what your hair likes and dislikes!
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