I just did my big chop two days ago so I understand what you are going through. I thought that I wouldn't look good with short hair either because I was so used to having long hair. I actually like the short look on me and I was really surprised. As far as creme of nature I love the argan oil products. I use the shampoo, intensive repair conditioner and the leave in conditioner. I also use the creme of nature argan oil as a moisturizer. You have an instant feeling of repair as soon as you use their products. I chose not to do weaves and braids because they thin out my hair and I am not able to care for my hair under them as well. I want my hair to be as healthy as possible but I will be wearing wigs as needed. Its up to you if those are the protective styles you want to wear. Some people have good results with braids and weaves. Good luck on your journey!