I can't tell from those photos. My guess is you are a 4. I assume you are transitioning. What do your roots look like?

These are my curlfessions
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My roots look like sorta tight coils about the diameter of straw (you know the bendy type, the ones that are not so thin) at the nape but wavy-like in the rest
Curls: 3c/4a I can't distinguish between the two!!!!!!
Shampoo: Mizani, Bed Head Control Freak, Pert(mixed with water)
Conditioner: Mizani, Bed Head, Aura Moisturizing conditioner
Gels: Eco Styler Krystal

Curl Defining Products: Curls Unleashed
Leave-in: Conditioner mixed with water and EVOO, it's a 10.
Oils: Tea Tree, EVOO, OO, Coconut oil

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