The last time I had a relaxer in my hair was in April and I count that as the beginning of my transitioning period. At first, I decided that I wanted long hair, so therefore I decided to quit relaxing for a year, however, after a couple of months, I realized that my hair needed to be healthy and I would love to go back to my natural curls(which by the way, I never actually saw as I was relaxed from a young age).

I had no idea that this would be so hard so I have joined to site to ask for help and advice.
I never actually knew how uneducated I was on black and ethnic hair/MY HAIR! Outrageous right!
So here are a few difficulties that I am experiencing:
-My hair is growing at a really slow rate and constantly breaks.
-I am experiencing a lot of scab hair and I can only do one thing to my hair which is a really tacky looking high bun.
-My hair is very thing especially at the relaxed ends
-I have no idea as to what products to use and can't afford much as I am only 15 and my mum isn't really supporting me in my hair journey.
-I don't want to do the BC because I am not ready to be shortie and I will be publicly ridiculed at school.Help!!! Really worried about my hair-img_20121228_183044.jpg

Help!!! Really worried about my hair-img_20121228_182949.jpg

Help!!! Really worried about my hair-img_20121228_182935.jpg

Please, experienced curlies, help me figure out the ropes! I am seriously considering relaxing again!