The two drugstore curl enhancers that come to mind are KCCC (can find at Target) and AG re:coil (find at Ulta I think). I like ones that I find online since there's a much bigger variety!

You could also try mousse but I don't know anything about good ones.

I scrunch in my curl enhancer to wet hair right after the shower and then gel. You can also experiment with mixing your curl enhancer and gel together before applying it to your hair.
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Thanks for the recs. Ran to Ulta today at lunch and picked up Re:coil. Can't wait to try it. I have been only using poo on roots, no condish or gel and its been great. I apply gel in shower, plop, then diffuse a bit. I let the rest air-dry then scrunch the crunch. It's not as curly as it used to be when I wore it curly every day, but I know it takes time to retrain the hair to curl. Hope the Re:Coil speeds things along :-)

** picked up la looks sport for hold
** trimmed ends to get rid of sprayed tips
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