murrcat, I spent the longest time trying to decide between the fitbit & the fuel band. How do you like it? I decided on the fitbit b/c I thought it would blend more easily for daily wearing.

I got a couple of gift cards, a scarf, and some pjs.

(I bought myself the fitbit, some peppermint bark, and an origins gift set and wrapped them up, too.... :P )
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it's nifty, I don't really know yet because I've only had it three days lol.

Okay one thing I'm not sure about is, you have fuel points (not the same as steps, I think 2 steps is a fuel point maybe) anyway

On thursday I walked "2.5" miles according to my pedometer on it, and reached my fuel goal for the day. Casually just to be casually doing things and not really tryin to walk 2.5, this was at the end of the day when I reached my goal.

Today, I ran 3.5 miles (my band (you can use an app to see what it can't show) said I ran 3.5 miles) but I only had half the fuel points. So...I'm not sure if maybe it won't give you all the points for one exercise because it wants to motivate you to do more stuff or separately through out the day OR, I was running without moving my arm at all. hhahahaahahah maybe that's why but I think I move my arms when I run....
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Maybe it has to do with the number of steps combined with the time it took to get to that number? Like 2.5 miles over the course of the day means you're generally more active over all. Where as 3.5 miles in...what...45 minutes to an hour concentrates your exertion to a very short time frame and not constant activity throughout the day, so the fuel points are less even though the distance was longer.

Did that make any sense? Apparently I'm not communicating well today.