I like to switch up my hair, so it isn't always curly (don't hate me, I do love my hair, I'm just bored easily). So I always get the following questions:

"How is you hair naturally?"
"Really? Are u sure that's not curled?"
"No, really"
"Shut up, I have curly hair"

"How long does it take to curl your hair?"
"This is natural"
"Haha, very funny. No, really, how long?"

"How can you be part Spanish and have curly hair?"
(No, Spaniards don't usually have curly hair. But obviously, I'm not all Spanish..)

I don't understand why people won't believe me that my hair is curly!! A couple of people that are really only acquaintances, but ones I've known for years, STILL think I'm lying about having curly hair. *sigh*

3a/2c, medium porosity, high density, medium width..

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2c/3a fluctuating hair

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