I'm not going to henna my hair with powder, my dh gave me the saddest face. He wants no change in my hair, he told me it would be the same if I were dying my hair, he will miss it!
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A compliment of the highest order!

I can't. I will stick to my premade glosses my hair color hasnt changed yet and my hair is so much more pliant and agreeable. Ill stick to those, less cleanup anyway.
You aren't kidding. Henna is one incredibly messy adventure, as I recall. If I weren't so into coloring my hair and doing it naturally, I'd take a pass too.

ETA: All your journeys sound very exciting. I am sort of living vicariously through your ayurvedic adventures so do keep posting!
Cool! For my part, I'll be giving a henna/amla update soon

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