AdThomas, this is only based on anecdotal evidence, but I swear ... it seems like a lot of curlies I know who have a STRONG curl pattern can actually do exactly what you just said: use only conditioner and/or oil w/ maybe some gel in humidity.

And then it's like there are some from every curly hair "category" that will automatically buy a lot of gels and other styling products because it's just fun to try things out, or because of curl junky tendencies, or even just perfectionistic thinking.

I count myself as a being at fault for occasional perfectionism. I mean really: I don't actually need my KCCC or my occasional oil or gel to have a reasonably decent head of natural curls. My hair isn't going to fall off my skull or blow away w/out all my additives; I'll be okay if things get a little frizzy. I think there's a lot of pressure for us curlies to have our curls look "tamed", well-managed, "polished" and frizz-free. You know: rules. Ugh. I'm not trying to act righteous here cause I know I give in to the pressure sometimes. Just a thought

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