I tried Deva almost two years before I found this site. I was so amazed at how my hair looked that I decided to use up my massive PJ stash and use Deva exclusively. The next day I used my other stuff and was so unhappy that I went home and threw out all of my old stuff. I used Deva until I found this site and read all of the mixed reviews. Then started my CG adventure. In the process, I stopped using any one brand exclusively. I found that I do like son of t Deva products, but I like some other stuff too. The TIGI Curls Rock Amplifier and Strong Mousse are two of my favorite products. I found that the silicone in the TIGI shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling very dry and coated (the Strong Mousse only has a silicone that is water soluble an the Amplifier only has silicones that evaporate from the hair during the drying process).

I will say that the trial and error involved in trying the CG method has given me a much better understanding of my hair and how to keep it looking and feeling it's best, so it's something I really recommend to everyone. I used to be content with my hair looking decent, but then I learned that my hair could look much better than decent. The answer might not necessarily be Deva, but definitely do some reading on the site and consider doing some experimenting.

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