Try deep treatments first. Simple ones work olive oil, pure coconut oil , avocados, honey and stuff. Also try a protein treatment as straightening strips away protein from hair.
First make sure your hair is properly moisturized. Leave in conditioners make sure that the moisture is retained in hair but it does not provide the "real" moisture that heat/chemically damaged hair needs.

If I were u, i'd deep condition on clarified hair twice a week if I had the time. If u want to increase thickness of your hair you can use cold pressed castor oil

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Thank you! I looked up an olive oil deep treatment so I'm going to do that today before I shower. I'm also going to purchase a deep conditioner, clarifying shampoo, and the castor oil. I appreciate all the tips!

I wud suggest a PT followed by a DT..u can try lite leave ins such as giovanni direct leave in condish which will not weigh ur hair down..or u can try leaving a tiny bit of your regular condish .. HTH
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Thank you! But may I ask what a PT and DT are?