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Thank you again for posting this! I have never heard of taurine before but I am ordering some today. It's only about $7 for a month's supply from Amazon so it is definately worth trying. I keep rereading this pdf and am going to start making some small changes that hopefully will improve my chronic pain, not just this tendon issue. I want to hug you! (((crimson)))
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Magnesium taurate is magnesium and taurine and I know many use this with great results. Magnesium makes a huge difference in pain levels but make sure you use the right type. Also make some magnesium oil and spray that on your foot thru out the day. I spray it on any painful area thru out the day. Better than an Epsom salt soak and no water necessary.

The Intractable Pain Patient's Handbook for Survival is a great ebook. Very informative.

I deal with chronic pain and despite having adequate pain meds, I still had pain.... thankfully I have found some great supplements that make a big difference. Magnesium (I use malate and glycinate), D-Ribose and Curamin are excellent. I use several other supplements and meds and my pain levels are generally low with my current regimen.
Supplements do take time to work. Dr Teitelbaum says to give them up to 3 months since it takes time to restore deficiencies and heal the body.
Hope you find something that helps you.