Y'ALL!!! For real!!! I'm so excited!!

We pull up in the driveway and there is a box at the door and I just *know* it's my secret curly gift!!

gemidevi!!!! You are the awesome sauce, I love everything soooo darn much.

I apologize for the pictures being big, but I'm so excited to get this posted I don't want to take time to figure out resizing.

First up is this scarf, this HELLO GORGEOUS scarf. The color is beautiful and I cannot wait to wear it. Even Calvin was impressed!

These two bracelets. The square one is an enameled blue with a hinge opening and it's so pretty. I don't have a bracelet like this and I just adore it. The other is a stretch bracelet and the beads are iridescent so it's all different shades of color depending on how the light hits it. Love, love both of these! I never would have picked them out for myself (I'm a bad shopper), but I'll wear these a lot.

Wheeeeeee, more stuff I love!!! I got a pretty lip gloss, some pumpkin spice coffee (YAY!!), soft fuzzy cozy socks that I love, a scarf and gloves set that is gray with some silver sparkle thread running through it, and a set from Body Shop of bath goodies in mango scent. What is great about the bath goodies is I sent my secret curly the SAME darn thing, but in vanilla scent!! Gemidevi and I obviously have very good taste in gifts. The card is too cute, this is one I'll be keeping because I love the picture on it so much.

I can't thank you enough. I love each and every thing and will use it all!

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