I took a trip to the store to compare some prices and products.

I'm liking the L'Oreal Everystrong line, which is sulfate free. It might just be good advertising, but I'm hoping it works well. I'm debating whether to get the Hydrating or reconstructing shampoo and conditioner, but that's just something I will decide based on my hair type.

Another sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner I spotted was Dream Waves Amplifying by Marc Anthony. I have used his Dream Waves Beach Spray before, which worked really well. I have also used his thickening cream, but not often enough to give a personal opinion on it. Between the two, I'm liking the L'Oreal one more.

For a leave-in conditioner (which I don't think I'm going to end up needing) I really only came across one by Aussie. I wasn't focusing so much on leave-in conditioners so I only looked at that one.

Has anyone had any experience with these specific products?

*Edit: after reading some online reviews I think the L'Oreal line might just be good advertising. Most seemed to not like it. Man, this is harder than I though!*

Some others I'm going to check out after reading online reviews: Bed Head Superstar, Living Proof Restore, and Giovanni Smooth as Silk.

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