I have long layered fine, yet lots of it hair. it is curly/wavy/ frizzy hair naturally. If I don't brush it after I wash/ cond. it dries in loose curls which are mildly frizzy (ie de-cluster and go different ways) and after a nights sleep they become "soft frizz" body waves. I generally pull it into a pony tail and wear a baseball cap until the next wash unless I take the time to "do" it. I hate doing my hair so a keratin treatment seemed to be a dream come true. I have had 3 keratin treatments over the last 18 months. The first was super flat but after a month my natural curl started growing in and I got some body and then I loved my hair!!! It was how I always wished it would be. it looked thick, had body but NO FRIZZ! The 2nd was more wavy, a little more frizzy and the thin, angel fine hairs around my face were frizzed straight. I went back for a 3rd hoping that if I told her about the last treatment she would adjust her method to prevent this happening again. This time it initially looked great until i washed it after 72 hours. when i started to blow dry it my hair looked like it had static electricity making it stand up in different directions. By the time it was fully dry my hair looked like a wet cat that stuck its finger into an electrical socket. I was at the gym and I was soooooo embarrassed. I took the flat iron to it (which I never usually use) out of desperation and I was able to make it look pretty good but still the ends look like they are split. I just washed it a 2nd time and had the same experience. It is so depressing because my hair has always been my best external feature and like I said before, I hate doing my hair. now I HAVE to do it else I look like a science experiment - no joke. I haven't noticed much hair loss so far.
I'm sorry for the long intro but i'm hoping someone can give me situation specific help: I don't want to cut my hair if I don't have to. Is there anything I can do to remedy my frizzy fried nightmare hair? i have to hot iron because otherwise my hair is a long haired straight kinky afro. But I'm so afraid this will damage it more. i'm using the Keratin shampoo/ cond. and deep treatment but I'm seeing others say not to. I'm so confused. Please tell me what to do. T.hank you in advance