"Is your hair NATURALLY curly?" - From everyone, everywhere, ever

"Your hair would be SO pretty if you straightened it!"

"You should straighten your hair every day."

"You have fire hair, eww it'll burn me!" - Insults from ignorant kids when I was younger

"Do you ever brush your hair?"

"Do you curl your hair?"

"How does your hair do that?"

"I bet you want straight hair."

"You don't just wake up like that, do you?" - heard this today

"My hair is SO curly just like yours... Except I have to straighten it." - says a girl with 2a hair at best when she leaves it natural

"You should cut your hair. It's too long."

"She spends HOURS twirling it and scrunching it." - My parents, & brother (LITERALLY TAKES LIKE 10 MINUTES. COME ON. XD)

"If you take her in the hair care aisle you'll never get her back" - annoying because it's true v.v

These are not in consecutive order of how annoying they are.