I really want to go no-poo and use the baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse method. However, my hair is impossible to detangle! It feels almost stiff when I put the vinegar into my hair. I've only been doing this for a few days, but my hair is frizzy and not as curly as usual. Is this normal for the transition period? I use flaxseed gel as a styler.
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I have been mostly poo free (shea moisture low poo 2X mo. and BS/ACV 2X mo. My hair is finally happy and the natural oils are under control as well (never oily between washes). After going natural, i found my front curls were a little limp and I have to define them with my fingers and a little FSG and let them dry. My theory is the hair near my face is a little finer and more effected by my hair's natural oils even though they do not look greasy.....

I recently started doing a pea sized giovanni leave in after BS and ACV simply for better clumping and before my FSG or Aloe Vera Gel....helps for detangling tremendously.

I have long 2C/3A hair.