Money, gift cards, work clothes, pashmina, tea infuser and loose tea, diamond hoop earrings, gold and emerald stud earrings (the earrings were from hubby), Gucci handbag, Coach handbag, pearl necklace, various other small items - costume bangles, bath stuff, candy, socks etc.

My older son was so proud of what he got me - a little box he had filled with little bracelets he made, and things he bought at the dollar store with his own money - bath beads, a scarf, a pen, soap etc. So sweet. Both kids had made framed photos of themselves at school/day care as well.

The best part of gift-giving was watching the kids' reactions to their gifts, and being together as extended family.
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I usually agree with you but this time I vehemently disagree. The best part about Christmas is gift-receiving