hey korkscrew first off i want to thank you for your kindness its greatly appreciated before my hair felt thirsty,lots of shedding and my scalp was itching i was in serious need of a deep treatment after the treatment my hair is silky soft minimal to no shedding, coils are elongated .although i didnt get the highlight i wanted due to the amla powder i stll amm amazed by the results from just one treatment
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Hey, just telling the truth about your looks And you are most welcome, fellow curly

Sounds like amla is acting as a really good conditioner for your hair and scalp! Terrific! Sounds like the amla darkened your hair a bit? Is that why you didn't get the highlights you wanted?

I thought amla is supposed to tighten curls, not loosen or elongate them, but you just taught me that these herbs can behave very differently on different heads.

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