Hi everyone,

I have been feeling very frustrated lately with my hair! I used to always have my hair permed because that was the only way my mum knew how to handle it. I stopped perming my hair for about 10 years because I chopped it all off! Recently I have grown my hair to shoulder length and not knowing how to handle it I booked an appointment to get my hair permed later this week - but after finding this forum and website I'm not getting it done!

I have hair that is around 2b and very thick but recently I have lost all of my wave/curl/volume! I think it might be because I have been using a flat iron too much (which was, ironically, to curl my hair!) - I would love to go natural and get my curl back - what should I do? I read about protein treatments, should I start with that? How often should I do it?
I was thinking of doing a protein egg treatment today, then an olive oil one during the week?

I tried going natural before but didn't have the support or information and so I found it too difficult to tame my hair.

Also, any advice on how to dry and style hair would really be appreciated as I have had short hair for ages and now with shoulder length hair I don't know how to style it! I generally end up looking like a mop and loosing any curl definition

I am living in a small village in France - and the range of hair care products is really bad! There are some without parabens and silicones (all of the conditioners have silicones in them!) but they all contain sulfates - any advice?? I previously used Redken's Fresh curl shampoo and conditioner, are they any good?

Thanks in advance for you help - I don't know what to do!

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