Just wanted to thank everyone (especially poema) on this thread. I've been toying with the idea of henna for a few years, but felt so overwhelmed by it, even though I used to use henna for body art as a kid.

I'm wanting to cover a few grays and give my flat brown locks some depth, so I think I'm ready to take the henna plunge.

I just have one question: Given that henna is permanent, if I don't care for the color I get after I dye my hair, can I dye over it with a henna-indigo (or other herb mix) to get back to my original (dark brown) color? Obviously I won't use a fake henna mix, only BAQ and another safe colorant.

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My understanding is that you can then hendigo or 2-step henna and indigo to adjust the color to your liking. I've never used indigo though, so definitely do some research to get details on how to go about it. Henna for Hair and their forum are a great resource.

Good luck! I hope you love your henna'd tresses!
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