ok, i sealed with a bit of sunflower oil, after LI and before products....about 6 drops for my short bob. I did EVERYTHING else exactly the same.

so here is what I did:
6 drops sunflower oil scrunched in
spray homemade Espom salt solution/curl activator
AIA scrunched in then scrunch w/ MF towel
scrunch in LALSG
diffuse to 80% dry
Scrunch in a bit more LALSG w/ wet hands
diffuse a bit more

So far my hair looks SO MUCH BETTER!!! The curls are there! THey havent been there in weeks it feels like. My hair does NOT look oily or gross...just normal. So we will see if the curls STAY throughout the day of playing with the kids and light cleaning....

i thought for sure the oil would make my hair a greasy mess.....EVCO always did. I do have pretty porous hair, so maybe your theory of fine, high porous hair can seal...
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