I just bought and tried the Coconut cowash. I can't believe how crazy curly my hair is!! I had been using a cheapo conditioner for co-wash from Sally's and thier Paul Mitchell Conditioning Balm. This morning, I used the cheapo stuff, then the As I am and then about a dime size of Conditioning balm as a leave in. I can't believe how good my hair looks!! I don't know if I will get second day hair. I cut my drying time as well. Also, it had been more on my 2 side of things and kind of limp and wacky, but it is definitely a 3a today. Oh my. I am a happy girl!!

I also poured it into an old bottle to make it easier to use. Jars are awkward in the shower!!

Dh wonders if my old routine was weighing things down.

I was wondering if anyone had any luck with any of their other products. Most of the other ones are pricier so I don't really want to try since the reviews were mixed. I use a gel from Sally's w/Ecostyler scrunched in. I heard that the Ecostyler is way better than their gel. And it sure is cheaper.

Any experience?