I started no poo in July, so its been about 6 months now. I decided to just cut out shampoo altogether (after a final sulfate shampoo) and switched my conditioners to sulfate and silicone free ones. Before no-poo, I rarely had oily or greasy hair. About a week after switching to no-poo, my hair started to get a little bit greasy, but after about 2 weeks it went back to normal, so it was quite an easy adjustment.

My routine was to massage my scalp with Suave Naturals Conditioner for a few minutes (this helped with my dry/flaky scalp), rinse, then use another conditioner for the rest of my hair. Ive tried Loreal's evercreme(I think) conditioner, Tresemme Naturals, and one that I forget the name of but it smelled like mint. L'oreal gave me the best results: there was less frizz and my waves/curls were more defined, and my hair was nice and soft, but it's too expensive for me to use every time. Tresemme Naturals is a much bigger quantity and it is less expensive (I can sometimes even get 2 bottles for $5, which is great) so I've switched to that. I wash my hair with conditioner every time I take a shower (every day or every other day). When I wash my hair with just water, it is too difficult to detangle and it ends up frizzy.

When I get out of the shower, I use Shea Moisture Styling Milk. It smells great and it seems to reduce frizz, and the bottle lasts forever. When I first started the no-poo method, I would only use a small amount (dime size), but lately I've been using a lot more (nickel size or maybe two penny sized amounts) and it seems to work better. I also scrunch my hair with an old t-shirt, and then I let it air dry. Usually I can avoid touching my hair while its drying so this works well, but sometimes I have to change my shirt or something and then there's no hope. I also have to make sure that I shower early enough so that its completely dry before I go to sleep, otherwise my hair curls weirdly or bends at the ends, or half of my hair will be almost straight and then the other side curly and it looks horrible.

I picked up some coconut oil about a month ago and I've been using that to help moisturize my hair and repair some of the damage I caused from bleaching a part of it, and it also makes my hair nice and shiny.

But I'm still not very happy with my results. While sometimes I have good hair days, most of the time my hair is frizzy, especially in the back, and gets tangled easily (especially after a day of not washing it). If I touch my hair at all while it's drying, it will be frizzy, and it takes 3+ hours to dry completely. I'm also disappointed at the lack of variety of styling products that don't have sulfates or silicones. It just seems like I can never get my waves/curls to lay the way I want them, and I'm frustrated. I want to give up and go back to my silicone, because with those, even if my hair won't behave right out of the shower, at least I have options for products. Maybe I just need to try different products? Different methods? Any advice? Thanks.

tldr: long, wavy/curly, thick hair and no poo is not reducing frizz or defining my curls. any help?