I don't find Jeremy to be all that attractive either. I don't think he is a dog by any means.

I tend to take most of what I hear about celebs with a grain of salt. A great deal of it is lies and/or misconception. Now, if I hear the same things about a celeb a few times, I will believe it.

I do happen to know that Harrison Ford and Burt Reynolds are a-holes. Both were in my area filming movies. Burt was walking into business, dunkity drunk drunk, with a bottle of whiskey in hand, cussing all the 'inbred southerners' who told him drinking was not allowed in their establishment. He even went on television and told some bull isht stories about his time spent in WNC.

Harrison was a complete jerk to everyone as well.
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I actually think he kind of resembles a bulldog, with a squished face. But that's only cute on bulldogs, not so much people (for me at least).

He actually said this stuff. I wasn't talking about what people say. I'm talking about actual things celebs do. Same with DB. He admitted to his cheating dog ways.

The JL stuff is more than just not being able to please people. I'm not bent out of shape about anything she says, but it doesn't mean what she says isn't often extremely offensive or that it's somehow okay because your (general) sense of humor is okay with it and you aren't offended.

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