I was in a bridal party in October. It was the wedding of one of my best friends. I walked down the aisle with a VERY CUTE groomsman. He wasn't tall. (which I have zero problem with) and I had extremely high heels on. (Six inches! And I'm only 5'0.) I won't even say he was short, because 5'6-5'7 seems tall enough for me~

I was about his height in the heels. When I took off my heels when we were photographed on the beach and was suddenly much shorter than him, he glanced at me and goes, "You just got even MORE beautiful."

I admit, that melted me a bit.

He was extremely touchy-feely towards the end of the night (ah, open bar...) and we hugged/kissed goodbye but we haven't spoken since.

I saw him at the groom's birthday party last night. Hugged/kissed hello, but we didn't talk much (it was a karokee party and he definitely sang a lot) but my GOSH, he seriously stared at me ALL NIGHT. A high school friend I hadn't seen in years was there and I was catching-up with him and even he said, "Do you have some weird history with that guy over there? Because he cannot take his eyes off of you..."

I was like, "I barely know him...but we did a fantastic job walking down the aisle together..."

Hugged/kissed goodbye...but now I'm regretting that I didn't sit next to him and say in a 1940's vixen voice,
"Didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude to stare, slugger (WINK)?"

I'm not emotionally invested with this guy at all...but he's sweet and cute and apparently attracted to me. Could be fun!

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