I'll definitely join as well. I only straighten my hair twice a yr and just did so last month so I won't be straightening again until the end of May. I'm at full APL when straight so I'm hoping to be at BSL by June/July. I mainly protective style anyway 100% of the time but I've been experimenting with color a lot lately and with the recent straightening job have gotten out of my weekly DT regimen so I plan on getting back to my regular healthy hair care activities.

I have a pretty simple routine that I alternate every week during the month.
Week 1: DT overnight, co-wash & acv rinse
Week 2: DT overnight, wash, condition
Week 3: DT overnight, co-wash & acv rinse
Week 4: PT, wash, DT under hooded dryer

Then I style into a bun or bantu knots (most recently I wet bun since the summer time and it stays that way until I take it down to DT and wash for the next week). I like to keep things simple! I look forward to growing with you ladies and gentlemen if any join us and seeing everyone's progress!
Hair Type: A head full of THICK, normal porosity curls/coils that I am TOTALLY in LUV with!
(Transitioned for 16 & 1/2 months)

Loving: MC LI Condish, Raw shea butter, Coconut & Grapeseed Oil, SM raw shea butter shampoo,HEHH Conditioner, Braggs ACV & Egg, Mayo & EVOO PT's