-I have GOT to stay out of the truffles and get back on the treadmill.

-I'm glad that our neighbors invited us over for NYE, it was very thoughtful of them to include us and I feel like such a stick in the mud that all I really want to do is stay home....you know, because we don't do a lot of that already. But we have to go because my other neighbor (that we spend a lot of time with) said they're only going because we're going and she gave me the evil eye when I mentioned my neck might be hurting after physical therapy tomorrow and I might not want to go. She practically burned a hole through my forehead with the evil eye.

-Operation reorganize pantry is complete and I've opened the doors just to stare at it several times this evening. #addictedtoorganizedporn

-There is NOTHING on tv tonight. Oh, the horror.
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As some one who has been eating TOO MUCH chocolate, since DH came back from Switzerland last week, I can only say, you are in good company (IMHO.) I just kind of with the box would be empty already...

Go to the party, have some fun!

Care to come organize a pantry here? I have chocolate

We are watching a Pretty Little Liars marathon here. Some one just shoot me, already!
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