Curlycutie, you are definitely brave girl! Lol I will check out the tresseme. I just picked up vo5 Shea cashmere shampoo. Hoping that will work ok. I've heard a lot of good things about the strawberry but I find the smell nauseating :/ thanks for the advice dresdendoll. Where do you find Acure organics? I live in ok. Kinda primitive *ugh*
2b//high porosity//fine texture//medium density//low elasticity//loves protein
Lo-poo: SMMR, SMC&S
Clarifying: VO5 shampoos
Co-wash: VO5 conditioners
RO: VO5 conditioners
Styling: AIF, FSG, gelatin gel, ecostyler krystal
PT: IAGirl's gelatin treatment