The beaches affected by jellyfish, the Box anyway, are closed during jellyfish season.

I'd be more concerned with the crocodiles that swim in the jellyfish affected water
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You'll have to come to South Australia (it's the boring state that you never hear about) we have neither nasty jellyfish or crocodiles, it's just the sharks you have to be wary of! We don't have much in the way of nasty creepy-crawlies either.
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Are you in Adelaide Starmie? Do you get to see the whales during their migration? What's the weather like there?

Sorry, 20 questions!
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I am indeed in Adelaide. The whales pass nearby when they migrate but I must admit I've never bothered to go and see them, I really should make the effort one of these days.
Weather generally or now? Now it's hideously hot - forecast in 30's and 40's for the next week (I foresee lots of cupboard tidying as it'll be too hot to go out) pretty typical summer weather, hate it.
Generally it's good. I really don't like the heat so summer's are difficult but it is at least a dry heat which is marginally more bearable. Spring and Autumn are mild and lovely, Winter's pretty mild too, daytime temps rarely go below 13/14c.
3b in South Australia.