I totally hate iTunes right now. I had to install the latest version of it yesterday after I got my new computer. After it finished, I went to charge my iTouch and it stated that there was an update of the software available. I went to install the update and it ended up erasing all of my songs. I have no music whatsoever. I have nothing backed up, but my iTunes account should have my purchasing history. Yet when I tried to log in to iTunes, I get a message saying my account was disabled. When it rains, it pours.
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If you can locate the phone number, call Apple. I've done that re: iTunes before when I lost some songs and they were able to help. But IIRC the phone number is hard to find.
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I just emailed them through their site. Not sure how fast they'll respond. Even if they respond today, I won't be home tonight to do anything as I'm going out and I'm having guests over for dinner tomorrow, so it may be a couple of days before it gets straightened out.
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