Everybody's hair is different, so if you notice your hair loves cowashing 2x a week, then keep it up! Just make sure you use your favorite leave in conditioner and maybe a sealant to keep the moisture in your hair. The straight ends start to freak out after a while lol

What most moms are scared of is that their daughter will look a mess or unkempt *___* Really, all moms just want their kids to look presentable. So for me, when I transitioned, I just made sure that I was always taking care of my hair. My mom could see that I was starting to care for my hair more than I EVER did when it was relaxed hahah so she eased up a little. You sound very confident about your hair which is awesome. With time, your mom will just see the happiness shining through you, ya know? I never really tried to convince my mom, I just did my thang and showed I was pretty committed and set in my decision to not get relaxers again. She actually stopped getting relaxers too! mwahahah

granted, I was 17/18 when i started transitioning. I didn't need her permission to do anything. I feel like if you just make sure your hairstyles are always on point lol then she'll get used to the aesthetic of natural hair with time. Just gotta give her time :/
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