I have very fine, thin hair so when I get clumps, it doesn't look good on me. It makes my hair look thinner and you can see my scalp. Whenever I go in for my trim, my stylist gets clumps with my hair. Yes, it looks shiney and healthy but it's too thin looking. When I do my own hair, I get more fluffy curls. I get a few clumped together but nothing like what most people get.
My stylist has clumped curls and her hair looks great BUT, she has thick hair.
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My hair is fine too and it has thinned also but I think I'm better off getting my hair to clump (which it doesn't really like to do...), the trick so it will look fuller and the scalp doesn't show is to "fluff" it once it's dry to break any crunch. All you have to do is bend down from the waist and then gently slip your fingers under your hair placing them near the roots, then you quickly move your hands from side to side giving your hair a "shake", you must do this all over your scalp so no hair will remain stuck to it, when you straighten up your hair should look much fuller because the curls widen as the crunch is broken.
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