I'm at work but after I get off, I'll go home and we will probably do nothing
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I hate having a job. Or I hate being me with my job, I almost feel like I'm being targeted. LOL. They're plotting against me. I actually asked off, and didn't get it. SO I have to stay until 1 am or 2 because they're having a party ugh. I don't want to be around drunk people, while sober and bored. It's sooo annoying. And then they're gonna be like "aww you have to work for nye, do you not celebrate it" gtfo here. I think people just asking me why i'm working is the most annoying part of working during holidays.

Last time they had a party I had to stay and work and people kept asking me if I liked working this late....LIKE WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY?? Yes I love it, I love being around drunk people, it's just a grand ol' time.

sorry end rant.