I have been wearing MAC lipstick and eyeliner almost exclusively for yrs (totally exclusively for foundation).

But I picked up two Revlon products at the supermarket this wknd and love them!

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. I love love love these! I get horribly chapped lips every winter and the bottom one is actually busted open right now. But this stuff glides on and covers everything. Doesn't sink into the verticle creases or pits. Actually plumps my dented lips back up so you can't tell there's anything wrong with them. Doesn't slide off. Provides full color coverage but appears like a sheer gloss. Lots of really nice colors! They even have that obnoxious silvery lilac color that I love but everyone else hates ("Gumdrop"). So much better than any MAC or drug store lipstick!

Revlon gel eyeliner. Comes w/ its own little brush attached and pot of gel. After you're done, you pop the tip of the brush inside its hande so it doesn't dry out. Goes on so smooth. Correctable/wipable for a couple of minutes after application, then sets to waterproof. Soft, rich color. i'm using brown, but there are three other colors and I plan to get all of them. I hate MAC's gel eyeliner. (It's liquid eyeliner is nice. So was L'oreal's until two months ago when they seemed to have changed the formulation and now it's a watery, streaky mess.)

Both about $7.

So thrilled w/ these.