Sorry, should have been more clear. The TV show. I heard from too many people that the books suck, so I probably won't read them.

I hated hated hated The Hunger Games, so if The Vampire Diaries books have the same cult following as The Hunger Games, then I'm glad I made the decision not to read them. Plus, my sister told met he TV show is nothing like the books. Strike 3.

I guess I'm not as caught up as I thought because I still have to get fully caught up with this season where homegirl is a vampire. I have to say that from what I've watched so far, I kind of like her better as a vampire. She's a freaking martyr all over the place as a human and she's a little more believable as a person with her "I'm so awful because I'm a vampire and kill people when I don't mean to" persona.

I also think overall that she should just be with Damon. Stefan is too much of a throwback from Twilight. Tortured sensitive martyr. Uh, no. Give me the bad boy who turns out to be a sweety underneath all the way. And he doesn't put Elena through all the emotional abuse that Stefan does. Stefan is just a hot mess who doesn't know who he is. Bleh, I just don't like Stefan.

And just another rant on Vampire Diaries TV show. How the hell are these kids getting ahold of all this alcohol?! It's like instead of water, they just drink booze instead.

I was avoiding Pretty Little Liars, but it looks like I might need to explore a bit.

I did stumble upon The Hart of Dixie which I like. Not as drama centric as the teenage shows, but still entertaining and enough drama to take me away from my own boring reality.
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I hate stefan he's so edward it's not even funny. I think its a bit awkward two brothers fighting for one girl, I feel like damon is too good for her or the situation as a whole, he's such a badass, why hasn't he dumped both the idiots.

Elena is dumb either way.

It's just like true blood, I always hate the main character but I can't stop watching, I have to appreciate them because without them there would be no show. HAHAHHA

PLL, is okay, I've been rewatching it on netflix, I usually turn it off because I can't even watch it at night hAHHAH. It's not even scary.

I think I only liked it because of the way they dressed.