YOU AIN'T LYING. When I saw him on Lost my I threw my 13 year old panties at the t.v. (I'm just kidding, too far right.)

He really dates her in real life!!! He's also a super liberal person in real life, I stalk his twitter, he's not a douchey celeb. Him and home girl actually date in real life.

AND HE LIVES IN ATLANTA, since that's where it's filmed. road trip anyone??

I'm trying to watch supernatural, aka, I turn on netflix go to it and turn netflix back off because I'm too scared. I remember the first episode scared me a long long time ago, so I'm too scared to watch it HAHHAHHA.

one day I'll actually watch it.
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YOU AIN'T SAID NUTHIN' BUT A WORD!!!!!!!! (yes I said it like that)

CRAP I was just in ATL in Nov. I REALLY need him in my life. FOR REAL. Can we "take care" of Elena? Turtles, ROAD TRIP!!!!!

Ok, here's what I'm thinking. Let's go to the hair show (I'm going anyway) and then go stalk him.
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Wait, what?! I'm the freaking pimp one who started this thread and ya'll are planning to do horribly awesome stuff to Damon without me?! You all suck.

Yeah, pretty much Damon (and maybe Jeremy because he's pretty hunky in a younger innocent kind of way, but he's totally buff, so I'd make an exception) is one of the only reasons I watch the show.

Uh...just kidding. I'm pretty crushed out on Klaus, too. He's a total d-bag, but something about him just makes me want to do horribly awesome stuff to him, too. Maybe it's the accent? Nah, it's the awesome badass dude with a secret marshmallow heart...AND the accent.

Seriously...I'm reading this at work and keep cracking up out loud at your comments. People think I'm certifiable.