Very informative! Sounds awesome, how does your scalp feel?

ETA: That's right, get that bsl!!
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Scalp feels clean,and refreshed. And most importantly NO itching! I really like it i always look forward to my next treatment. I havent detangled going on 2 weeks! Ricotorothy i hope to reach true mbl by next year. after this pic was taken last nite i gave myself a good trim

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No itching? *heads to local indian grocer * I should have though of that before, just doing a straight amla treatment. That doesn't change the color of your hair but it certainly improves the condition. I think mbl is definitely in the bag for you by next year. I have the same goal actually. I don't know if anybody else feels like this, but even though my hair is already longer than it has ever been, I still keep getting the chills as if something I do or fail to do will halt its progress. I am always looking over my my ends, lol.


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