If he is going to be naked, I'm going to see it. Don't care. I haven't read the book, but I'll see some steamy IAN anytime...

Murr, let's go to the premier night...that is after we break up with Elena (what's her real name?...IDK and IDC)
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hHHAHAHAH that made me bust out laughing.

Nina, something russian or something (eta its bulgarian, dobrev) , FML I JUST GOOGLED HER NAME AND I SAW SOMETHING ABOUT MARRIAGE OF THEM?!?!?!


When is the premiere??

I need to get a nice dress, and personal trainer, OMG and my hair did and glamour shots to give to him after our rendezvous so he remembers me and a camera to make a sex tape. HAHAHAHAH

okay now we'll have to be: