I used to think my hair was ambivalent to argan, but I'm starting to realize it actually builds up on my hair like cones and prevents my hair from being moisturized. It feels sort of nice the first couple times I use it, cause it coats my hair, but then my hair gets progressively oily yet dry...if that makes sense.
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Honesty, i find this is true of just about any oil after a while. My hair loves oil, though, and seeing how I'm mod cg, it never ends up being a problem for me.

As for Jojoba - I use it and love it. It makes a good sealer, and is supposed to be the closest thing to Jair's natural sebum.

It does not go rancid like many other oils do (especially cooking oils), and is great mixed with any essential oil.

Just don't use it on your skin.

I can't compare it to argan, in that I've never tried pure argan oil (tho I want to!), but I can say its fairly light, but not as light as say Grapeseed oil.
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Jojoba is actually excellent for your skin. I prefer rosehip seed oil though for my face.

My hair doesn't mind pumpkin seed oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and a few other oils in conditioners. Argan is a build up culprit, like in a single use, and the problem is is that doesn't moisturize well and then my hair gets even dryer from clarifying it out. I don't really use any oil by itself though.