Love your hair it's so pretty

I haven't used Eco Styler (not a fan of gels at all) but thought about giving the Krystal brand a try.

From looking at your pictures, your hair looks a lot like mine when its wet and some people say I'm 4b and a lot say I'm 4a. Hair typing is so confusing I only go by the standard straight, wavy, curly, kinky. No need to add any extra categories.

PS: From what I hear its best to type hair when its naked (no product in it at all)
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Aw thanks!!! And about what you said about hair typing, im beginning to realize that what you're saying is true....

Anyways, thanks and i hope you have a Happy New Year!
Curls: 3c/4a I can't distinguish between the two!!!!!!
Shampoo: Mizani, Bed Head Control Freak, Pert(mixed with water)
Conditioner: Mizani, Bed Head, Aura Moisturizing conditioner
Gels: Eco Styler Krystal

Curl Defining Products: Curls Unleashed
Leave-in: Conditioner mixed with water and EVOO, it's a 10.
Oils: Tea Tree, EVOO, OO, Coconut oil